Answers to the most frequently asked questions
  • Where can I park my car?

    Approximately 60 m from our premises, heading north, enter the square on the left. The address is Via Libertà 76, Gargnano. The parking is unsupervised.

  • Which documents do you need for rental?

    The following documents are required:

    ID Card or Passport
    Boat driving license

  • What should I do upon arrival?

    As soon as you arrive at our reception, you have to show the necessary documents. You will be asked to sign the contract, settle the amount of the rental and the deposit (Visa and Mastercard - cash max € 1999,99). Please note that the deposit corresponds to the deductible of the all-risk insurance.

  • What is the checkin procedure?

    Our staff show you the boat out of the water and will note down every single damage the boat already has. We will put than the boat in the water, explain you the main technical features and show you where the safety equipment is. If required, we can organize a short training on the water to get familiar with the boat. The boat is full tank and we fil it up when you come back.

  • What is the checkout process?

    When you come back, we will check the condition of the boat and refuel. In between, you can confortably wait on our terrace and enjoy the Club House. Once the boat check operations are finished, you can go to the Reception to colplete the Check-out procedure (Fuel payment and deposit release).

  • What should I do if I have a technical problem while driving?

    If you incur in any problem while driving, contact us immediately and we will intervene as soon as possible.

  • What happens if I damage the boat?

    Once back in the marina, we will estimate the damage.If the amount is lower than the deposit, you will be responsible for the entire costs. Otherwise, if it is higher we charge you the deposit. The rest will be covered by the all-risk insurance.

  • When does charter begin and end?

    The rental starts at 10.00 AM and ends at 18.00 PM. Please be punctual to allow us to offer you the best service.

  • What are our COVID 19 hygiene procedures?

    Our boats are washed and disinfected every day, before and after the rental.
    Furthermore, before you get on board, we sanitize all surfaces with dry steam and hydrogen peroxide.

  • What are the navigation and safety rules on Lake Garda?

    Byclicking here you can download an hand-out we prepared for you with all the necessary information.


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